Manufacturer: Lasitan
Substance: Furosemide (Lasix)
Package: 40mg (15 pills)

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3 reviews for Lasix

  1. Billy Ward

    Lasix is a medical drug so firstly you know it’s going to be effective at what it does, but as well as that, you know that due to its effectiveness there will be some pretty serious side effects if you do it wrong! That’s why I don’t recommend this stuff unless you are really experienced or work with a coach who knows his shit! You don’t wanna mess yourself up just to look a few percent better!! If you do know what you’re doing with it though, the results will be a huge improvement over those you get from clen!

  2. Bernard Ramirez

    Lasix is my favourite compound for cleaning that extra bit of fluid, the stuff makes you look amazing and you only need to take it for a couple days

  3. Frank Kelly

    I didn’t really know much about diuretics so I got in contact with the customer support team, these guys are amazing. They told me everything I needed to know, including any side effects to watch out for! Great service and the product was amazing as well!!

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