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Proviron is an oral product and is not considered a steroid because of how weak in nature the tablet is. Athletes use Proviron in bodybuilding after completing a cycle of strong androgenic steroids, during the treatment of the possible consequences of suppressing their own testosterone secretion, as well as its recovery.

Proviron has been utilized as a medication for the treatment of decreased well-being in older males due to declining androgen levels, libido dysfunction and infertility. Proviron has a high affinity for SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is a protein that binds to anabolic steroids in the bloodstream (namely, testosterone) and renders them completely inactive once bound. The use of Proviron in this case alongside other anabolic steroids, may magnify the activity and effects of other anabolic steroids through this pathway, leaving more unbound and free testosterone to perform its job.

Cycle with Proviron

Proviron is unlikely to become the main drug during the cycle. It does not contain anabolic properties. Therefore, it would be of little use when used solo for an athlete to build muscle. However, it can be an additional preparation for the main steroid. It increases the level of bioavailable testosterone, which reaches 90% and also enhances erectile functions. Therefore, it can provide the athlete with other benefits. The right combination with other steroids can help most athletes gain more muscle mass.

It can help a lot in the middle of a cycle. There will be a stage when your body cannot progress and all of your results will become stagnant. Using this steroid can help you continue to grow. Also, for example, Nandrolone or Trenbolone are able to reduce libido. In the case of taking such or similar drugs, their combination with Proviron in a cycle will be logical and effective.

Proviron is normally used between 50 – 150mg per day to either control Estrogen levels, reduce water retention (caused by estrogen), or to increase fertility following the conclusion of a cycle. Although Proviron is not approved for use in females, some females in the athletic and bodybuilding community do choose to use it. In this case, a single Proviron dosage of 25mg per day is enough to alter the look of the physique. This should be done no longer than 4 – 5 weeks.

Proviron used as an ancillary compound, is an adjunct to anabolic steroid cycles in order to minimize or mitigate the effects of estrogen on the body. It is also used for its aesthetic effects in enhancing the ‘hard’ look of the physique, both through its effects as an anti-estrogen, as well as its effects as a strong androgen.

When used as an ancillary, it can be taken by male athletes and bodybuilders throughout their cycle at 50 – 100mg per day and there is no limit to how long it can be utilized for.

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