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Exemestane, known as Aromasin by most, belongs to a category and class of anti-estrogens known as aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase inhibitors are compounds that serve to do this by eliminating the production of Estrogen through binding to and disabling the aromatase enzyme, which is the enzyme responsible for the conversion (or aromatization) of androgens into Estrogen. Aromasin will reduce estrogen levels by 85%.  It is said to permanently disable and inhibit the aromatase enzyme in which it is bound to, making the enzyme inactive forever.

Typical Dosages of Exemestane

The standard dose of Exemestane is 25mg and the drug comes in 25mg tablets. Research indicates that it is effective with doses as low as 2.5mg per day. Many bodybuilders and steroid users say that Aromasin if far more effective than Arimidex, but since Arimidex was developed and released first, it is more popular than Aromasin, which is often overlooked by many.

To treat gynecomastia and ongoing control of estrogen during a cycle of anabolic steroids, an average dosage tends to be 12.5 – 25mg per day. Some users have even opted for 12.5mg every other day, but this is highly dependent on what aromatizable anabolic steroids are being used, and how much (dosage wise) is used as well.

For PCT, Aromasin will increase endogenous natural Testosterone levels in men by 60%, which is significant, especially after only a 10-day period. 25mg per day for no greater than 2 weeks is the ideal Aromasin dosage for this purpose. Nolvadex is normally utilized for 4 weeks at a dosage of 20-40mg alongside Aromasin at the same time. The half-life of Aromasin is about twenty-seven hours. In order for the body to achieve peak levels of Testosterone, it is required Steroids pills to be taken for a full seven days and is better absorbed when taken with food.

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