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Nolvadex, or Tamoxifen Citrate, belongs to a class of drugs known as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modules (SERMs). Nolvadex is a non-steroidal SERM belonging to the triphenylethylene family of compounds that exhibits both Estrogen agonist and Estrogen antagonistic effects. Nolva has been used to treat breast cancer in women and also women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer.

Nolvadex increases the endogenous production of Testosterone caused by usage of Anabolic Steroids Tablets and Injectable, and is therefore extremely beneficial when used during Post Cycle Therapy. It was first designed in 1962 and ever since then Nolvadex continues to be very popular and widely used.

Nolvadex Dosages

Bodybuilders that want to eliminate and reverse formulating gynecomastia will use Nolvadex pct dosage as a preventative steroids oral and injections and most tolerate this drug quite well. When used as an ancillary aid to combat the formation of gynecomastia, Nolvadex doses range between 10-30mg per day. The sweet spot for Nolvadex pills doses seems to be 20mg per day. Doses beyond 40mg per day will not produce any greater or faster effect on reducing or eliminating gynecomastia.

Nolvadex is most commonly used for Post Cycle Therapy, immediately following the completion of an anabolic steroid cycle. When used for PCT, 20-40mg per day can be taken for approximately four to six weeks. It is commonly taken with HCG and Aromasin during PCT.  Lastly, the half-life of Nolvadex is around five to seven days; therefore, it is not a requirement to split doses throughout the day. You can take Nolva with or without food.

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