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Primobolan Depot is the injectable form of this Injectable steroid. It is a very well-known and popular anabolic steroid, due to its very mild nature as both an anabolic and androgenic steroid. It has been used to treat muscle wasting diseases, severe weight loss and other medical conditions. The half-life of primobolan steroid Depot is around ten days, providing a slower release and activity of the hormone. Due to the presence of the ether in the drug, the active substance is absorbed for a long time, so the activity of the steroid lasts more than two weeks.

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Primobolan is regarded by the majority of bodybuilders and athletes as a preferred ‘cutting’ compound and is considered very useful for pre-contest cycles, fat loss and cutting phases. It is also best combined with (stacked with) other anabolic steroids as well, whether utilizing it for a cutting cycle or a bulking or lean mass cycle, experienced steroid users know that primobolan steroid is not very effective when it comes to strength gains.

It is typically cycled with other compounds that hold similar qualities, properties and half-lives. Many bodybuilders often stack Primobolan with Testosterone Propionate (or Testosterone Enanthate) and use it for the first 8 weeks of a cycle, in order to assist in the retention of muscle mass during periods of a calorie deficient diet.

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Primobolan Cycles and Dosages

Cycles with Primobolan Depot typically run between ten to twelve weeks, depending on the individual and his or her particular goal. Beginners typically inject 400mg per week, while intermediate users will inject between 400-700mg per week and those with advanced experience may inject between 800-1,000mg per week. Females also use Primobolan Injectable because it is mild when it comes to side effects. Doses between 50-100mg per week may be sufficient for some women, while others may bump up the dose to achieve their desired goal.

When stacking Primobolan, bodybuilders and athletes tend to use Winstrol or AnavarTrenboloneMasteronTurinabol and Testosterone. It is also not uncommon for individuals to incorporate Sustanon-250 and Anadrol or Dianabol in a stack for lean mass gains.

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