Manufacturer: Geno
Substance: Furosemide (Lasix)
Package: 40mg (10 pills)

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3 reviews for Frusenex

  1. Larry Long

    I recently had surgery and the injury site kept filling with fluid, it was really starting to become a bit of an issue, I spoke to the monstersteroid experts to see if they had any suggestions, they said to try this frusenex to reduce the fluid, so I gave it a try and it worked amazingly well! Once the fluid started to disappear, I started to experiment with a bit of BPC as well and wow! The combination has really improved recovery times!

  2. Angelo Schneider

    Diuretics are not to be used for the average gym goer, if you wanna get peeled just use some clen, when it comes to stepping on stage however, this stuff can make a huuuuge difference to your look

  3. Wayne Cooper

    Frusenex is a fantastic product, it will really push you past your limits when it comes to dropping weight.. I have used it now a couple of times on my contest preps and the results have always been incredible! Just be careful as these kinds of compounds are very potent!

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