Product Name: Astralean 40 mcg
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Package: 40 mcg (50 pills)


Astralean is the brand name of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, known as Clen in the fitness world, which belongs to the group of fat burners of a powerful effect. It was created many years ago and is used in sports and among amateurs. It has a lot of positive reviews. It has gained popularity all over the world due to its safety and efficiency. Especially noted is the versatility and convenient reception.

Effects of Clenbuterol

Professional athletes often resort to powerful steroids to gain muscle. During this period, not only fat accumulates in the body, but also water, therefore, post-cycle therapy is carried out with the use of additional drugs. Drying is an integral part of the rest between courses. During this period, athletes strive to improve the body, improve the muscle structure, saturate the body with energy for additional training. Clenbuterol belongs to the highest class of drugs that are effective for these purposes. A distinctive feature of this drug is the possibility of taking it without a special diet, only with the use of physical loads. A person will not feel hunger and discomfort at the same time.

Features on the Clen course

  • Fast weight loss, taking into account all of the recommendations.
  • Destruction of adipose tissue and its removal from the body.
  • Dries the tissues, making the muscles elastic.
  • Quickly restores muscles after serious loads.
  • Increases body temperature, enhancing the overall effect.
  • Saturates the body with energy and strength.
  • Increases the production of adrenaline.
  • Suppresses hunger.

It is suitable as an independent drug without supplements. Of course, it can be combined with certain other drugs. It is suitable for females and men, regardless of the purpose.

Application scheme

To lose weight, you need to start with 20mcg per day, gradually increasing by 20mcg per day. Thus, the total dosage for the 6th day is 120mcg, then you need to take it for another 1 week. After that, gradually decrease the dose down to complete cancellation. To dry and improve the structure of the muscles, it should be combined with another drug such as Ketotifen. In this case, a ladder of gradual addition to 120mcg per day is also used. The dosage is reduced after the first week to 80mcg. It is important to observe the dosage and the scheme of application, this is the only way that will help you to achieve high results. It should be taken into account that an evening intake can cause a sleep disorder.

Side effects

  • Unstable sleep.
  • Change of mood.
  • Tremor of the hands, with a large dosage.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Unstable heart function.
  • Migraine, dizziness.
  • Nausea, rarely.

It is worth taking the course seriously, this is a powerful drug and does not forgive mistakes. Beginners and inexperienced athletes should study the statistics and nuances. It is not necessary to supplement with energy drinks of various types. This can cause serious complications up to loss of consciousness. You can buy Clenbuterol through our online store with delivery in the USA. In the Clenbuterol pills section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Fat Burners. Delivery of Astralean to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team for help.

2 reviews for Astralean

  1. Jose Russell

    As an amateur boxer it is important for me to be able to make weight, luckily if I get a little close to my weight cap I can run a bit of clen and drop some of that excess bodyweight! It also helps me with energy levels which is super helpful when you get to those 2 a day training sessions! They’d be far too brutal without it!

  2. Matthew Coleman

    I had never used clen before so was a little unsure about it, I spoke to the customer support team and they walked me through how to use it! They were a great help and that service alone will definitely make me a regular! Great team and great products as well!

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