Product Name: Clen-Max 40 mcg
Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Package: 40 mcg (100 pills)

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Clen-Max is an extremely popular stimulant drug that is utilized by men, women, and celebrities all over the globe for fitness and aesthetic purposes. The active substance, Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, is a drug that belongs to the group of fat-burners. Clenbuterol functions as a very potent and Steroids for Women powerful fat-burner, making it one of the most sought-after substances on today’s market!  Although, Clenbuterol for sale also has beneficial medicinal properties and is still used not only in sports, but also in medicine. People with chronic breathing disorders such as asthma use this as a bronchodilator to make it easier for them to breathe.  Clenbuterol is very safe to use and is not an anabolic drug and this is why it is used by most celebrities globally to gain their amazing physiques after just a few cycles. 

Clenbuterol pills for weight loss 

Along with its beneficial effects of opening the bronchi in the lungs to provide you with more endurance, Clenbuterol will provide you with the ability to burn fat from any form of exercise including walking, jogging, running, skipping and more.  Clen pills are used by all celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It has been called “Hollywood’s dirty little secret” because it is the ultimate drug for losing weight in a short amount of time.  When cutting or wanting to burn fat, the idea is to strip away any excess fat, along with any additional fat intakes being used for energy rather than stored. Clenbuterol for sale online works by binding directly onto receptors located in the body that respond to adrenaline which is a hormone that is secreted via the adrenal glands.  It is a derivative of the amino acid tyrosine, and it plays a crucial role in a person’s fight or flight reactions and this is why it slightly raises the body’s temperature level and heart rate, which puts you in a state to start burning fat immediately!  

The effect of Clenbuterol in bodybuilding 

The advantage of the drug among bodybuilders is a strong anti-catabolic effect. During drying and weight loss after bulking cycles, it is important for them to preserve muscles and prevent their destruction.   The drug is typically used during the rest period from steroids as it also prevents the accumulation of fat after the end of the cycle.  Reviews of Clenbuterol online by bodybuilders are, as a rule, positive. Professional athletes note a powerful effect on fat burning and optimal muscle preservation.  

Recommended dosage of Clenbuterol 

Clen pills are suitable for anyone regardless of gender and age, although the dosages will differ slightly. Experts recommend a smaller dosage for women than for men. For men, the maximum advised Clen dosage is 140mcg per day. For women, a clenbuterol for sale dose of 80mcg is the maximum that is recommended.  The Clenbuterol cycle should last no longer than 2-3 weeks since after this period, the body becomes tolerant to the drug, and its effectiveness decreases rapidly. Therefore, after the Clen cycle, you should stop taking the drug for at least the same length of time.  You should start taking Clenbuterol at 20mcg per day. Gradually, this amount increases and by the middle of the cycle to 140mcg for men and 80mcg for women. The intake takes place by a pyramid effect and by the end of the cycle, the dosage is reduced until it is completely discontinued.   Do not deviate from the stated dosage and regimen. If you forget to take a pill, you need to continue as usual without increasing the amount. 

Side effects of Clenbuterol pills 

Athletes should reconsider taking the drug if they have any disorders in the body (heart disorders, kidney failure, diabetes, various heart defects). Clen pills have rare side effects that may appear in some people including a lack of appetite, nausea, tremors of the hands and body, increased sweating, sleep disorder, and anxiousness.   These side effects should disappear when the use of the drug is stopped. The drug works more effectively and with less side effects if you stick to a diet and do not skip workouts. 

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14 reviews for Clen-Max

  1. Larry Perry

    i started using clen for its fat burning properties, but nearly immediatly felt sick and had no apitite. I found out the reason for this is you need to taper the dose up then down, so start at 20mcg day 1 then essentially add 20mcg per day up to 120mcg, your body can get used to clen pretty quickly so thats the reaosn why which is also what i found out!! anyhows after dosing correctly thats when i saw the benefits of clen. highly recommend this product but from experience make sure you take correctly lol

  2. Alan Gray

    Clen for me is vital for my cuttig cycles, ive always used it and always will, especially this clen-max from maxtreme, used it ever since i found it and the results are always amazing!! use clen properly and you will see results

  3. Kevin Young

    Clen is a great cutting product and I can’t recommend it enough, it works so so well , of course you need to cycle properly and make sure you diet correctly to maximise what clenbuterol can do for you. it wont work on its own guys. when you do cycle you need to increase the dose over time as your body does get used to it quickly.

  4. Benjamin Henderson

    I needed to lean out during my prep as i had gained more then id of liked during my bulk, now this is where clen comes in, its a great product anyway but this clen-max is astounding. ive noticed that the quality of this product is better then ive used before, Im having no jitters/shakes and loss of apitite like ive experianced with others. plus it got me ready and more for my comp..Maxtreme are true to there product and thats how it should be, fully recommend this.

  5. Peter Ramirez

    I always come bk to clen, even more so the clen-max by maxtreme! for my cuts I find I yeald the best results using this brand. Cycle properly at correct doses and you will be amazed, it really does seem like it just melts the fat away..

  6. Bruce Adams

    Every cutting cycle should include clen, its great and has amazing results, with results can come some sides so be carefull staying on high doses, but if you cycle effeciantly then your results will speak for themselves. weather it be you want that summer body look, beach body look or to be peeled for a show then this product is the one! Clen Max by maxteeme has my vite everytime, great brand with great results.

  7. Wayne Campbell

    I used to think clen was very overrated, I got little to no results from it and it made me feel weird and jittery all the time. Honestly I think I was just buying knock off products before. I decided to buy Clen-max just to give the stuff one last chance and it blew my mind! I was losing weight almost every day, I reduced my calories and added this to my regular routine and I got all of the good results I saw people boasting about in the reviews. This is a magnificent product and it has really changed my opinion on Clenbuterol.

  8. Chris Turner

    Clen is a fantastic product, it can be used by males and females as well as beginner and more experienced users of PEDs. This popularity makes it hard to find good quality products but this Clen max is exactly that. Its almost as if it was doctor prescribed, its that good! This stuff will be making you lose lbs and lbs every day!

  9. Kenneth Mitchell

    Clen, I use it, my clients use it, if you’re serious about bodybuilding you’d be using it. Clen is vital in my opinion to any cut and even more so for prepping but this Clen max is the one, I get so shredded from this stuff and for the price it really is worth it, shippings quite quick aswell. but yeah overall this is some of the best quality I’ve used in my time, and tbh thats what you want is quality.

  10. Michael Wright

    I’d like to start by saying god bless clen, I won’t lie I put on weight quickly during a 6 month point in my life and I needed to turn it around, I signed up to a gym and was going 2-3 times a week. With this clen max it made me feel so much better about what I was doing, I was seeing results and I was loving them, for a female it can be very upsetting when we don’t like our bodies, but if you’re looking to get back on track then seriously try this. Maxtreme have got my recommendation now and I will use again if I need.

  11. Richard Price

    Clen is the most reliable way to keep that weight loss coming in my opinion, there is nothing much to say about it other than it works! I mean that’s why the stuff is so popular right? You have to do a bit of testing with it, start low and build up to assess tolerance, as the dose can be different for everyone, but once you figure out your max it becomes an incredible asset to your weight loss journey

  12. Kenny Ramos

    If you wanna get peeled, you need to try clen, it will give you amazing results. Just do your research, start your dose low and slowly build it up

  13. Maurice Lyons

    Clen is one of those compounds where you can only use it for short periods of time, your body will adapt to this stuff really quick so you need to make sure you cycle it properly

  14. Toby George

    I always start my clen dose at 20mcg, I run it until I hit 100mcg then I slowly ease myself off it, it’s an incredible fat burner and if you mix it with some winstrol, you’ll have mind blowing results

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