Ultima Anastro


Product Name:Ultima Anastro
: Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Anastrozole
Package: 1 mg 30 pills


Ultima Anastro is a nonsteroidal drug called Anastrozole that belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors. This means it blocks the action of the aromatase enzyme which turns androgens (such as testosterone) into estrogen. Anastrozole is commonly used in medicine to treat breast cancer in women by reducing the amount of estrogen in the body (which can make cancer grow faster). Anastrozole is also used by men to reduce the side effects associated with having high estrogen levels.

Effects of Anastrozole use

This drug produced by Ultima Pharmaceuticals is an effective drug to help balance hormone levels after an androgenic steroid cycle. Steroids that are androgenic are highly converted into estrogen when in the body. This causes undesirable side effects in the male body such as gynecomastia, fluid retention, acne and more. Anastrozole prevents these negative effects by reducing the amount of estrogen being created from androgen conversion, which subsequently increases the amount of testosterone in the body. This is a lot more beneficial to men.

Administering Anastrozole

Anastrozole is a highly effective and versatile drug that can be used in different ways. The first way to use the drug is as a treatment for side effects that have already made themselves present during or after a steroid cycle (during post-cycle therapy). Taking Anastrozole in a dosage of 0.5-1mg per day for 1 week (during a steroid cycle) or 2-4 weeks (after a steroid cycle) should diminish side effects such as gynecomastia etc. You can also take Anastrozole as a preventive measure throughout the entire steroid cycle. If this method is used, a low dose of about 0.25-0.5mg per day should be taken. Anastrozole does not need to be taken for post-cycle therapy in this case.

Potential side effects

Without the approval from a doctor, Anastrozole should not be taken by women, due to possible hormonal disorders, or anyone suffering from heart disease, due to a reduction in cholesterol levels. For anyone else, with correct and careful use of the drug, side effects should not occur. However, in some cases, vomiting, nausea, weakness, hot flushes, skin rash, painful in the back, skin, throat and joints, sudden mood changes, bouts of depression and insomnia may appear. In the Anastrozole pills section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Anti Estrogens. Delivery of Anastrozole to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to help.

3 reviews for Ultima Anastro

  1. Richard Sanders

    If you are having issues with high levels of estrogen and you have tried to sort them with other compounds, Anastro will sort you out! This stuff is great at sorting out high estrogen! Just don’t use it too long, I find it works best to only use when you are feeling the sides, once they ease, stop this like a day or two after!

  2. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    I’ve changed my mind on Ultima, I didn’t think you’d have a legit company online selling this stuff, but I was wrong! I have actually had some great experiences so far! I will be looking to order more in the future

  3. Michael Thomas

    As someone very new to the weight lifting world when it comes to performance enhancing steroids, it has been a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what is going to work best since I had never really tried any of this stuff before. I picked up some Dianabol and some Testosterone, and also read that Anastrozole might be needed when taking both of them. Well, I’m glad I did, because being a beginner I was trying out some different doses through my cycle and started running into some side effects. This is most likely because my body wasn’t really used to the new boosts it was getting. Either way, I started taking the anastrazole as recommended and within about 4-5 days all of the side effects were gone, while still being able to finish my cycle. Glad I picked it up otherwise I’m not too sure what I would have done.

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