Magnum Turnibol 10


Product Name: Magnum Turnibol 10
Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
Package: 10mg (50 pills)


Magnum Turnibol 10 is an oral anabolic steroid called Turinabol which appeared in the 60s. The active ingredient of the steroid is actually called 4-Chlorodehydromethltestosterone. The drug has high anabolic and very low androgenic activity. Due to the fact that this steroid is quite effective and has practically no side effects, it is used not only by experienced, but also novice bodybuilders.


The main effects from a Turinabol cycle include the following:

  • Accelerated growth of quality muscle mass
  • Increased muscle firmness
  • Increased indicators of endurance and physical strength
  • The rollback is minimal
  • Does not aromatize
  • Improves muscle definition

How to take Turinabol

Before you start using the drug, you need to consult a doctor. Many consider the drug to be completely harmless, but when taking it, it is necessary to take into account some peculiarities. Men are advised to take Turinabol in a daily dosage of 20-40mg. This dose should be taken, divided into equal parts, three times a day. Women should adhere to a dosage of 5-15mg per day, and the duration of the cycle should be no more than 5-6 weeks. If this is your first time taking this type of drug, then it is best for you to observe a dosage of no more than 40mg, and the duration of use should be up to 6 weeks. The drug is suitable for use by both beginners and more experienced users. To find the ideal dosage for yourself individually, consult with a trainer or healthcare professional.

Side Effects

In addition to the advantages, there are also negative features of a Turinabol cycle. The possibility of side effects depends on the size of the used dosage of the drug and the individual characteristics of the person. Potential side effects include:

  • Hepatotoxicity, which can be minimal if the drug is taken within the permissible dosage
  • Low likelihood of Gynecomastia
  • Decrease in the production of testosterone by the body
  • Hair loss
  • Skin problems
  • Increased blood pressure

These problems can be avoided by following the recommendations for use and conducting timely post-cycle therapy. In the Turinabol pills section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Oral Steroids. Delivery of Turinabol to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any problems, you can always contact our customer service team.

16 reviews for Magnum Turnibol 10

  1. Joe Thomas

    i chose to use this turnibol opposed to anadrol for my cycle and i was so glad with the results, my muscle mass increased so much and also muscle firmness which added a great look u must say. my cycle was for 5 weeks stacked with test which i continued to run after the turnibol. The quality of this product is amazing from magnum. it has delivered more then id thought and i will order again.

  2. Phillip Bennett

    I ve used dbol before and made ok progress but i thought i could of made more, this is where magnum turnibol came in, i thought id try again and im glad i did, ive jsut completed my cycle and iuve gained like 16lbs , i gained around 1/2 this using other brands. I had like no side effects either so to me thats a winner and for that i thank the brand as i will be buying more.

  3. Patrick Lopez

    I am a pretty big fan of Turinabol, especially this one from Magnum. It provides pretty good results with some pretty low risk of sides which is absolutely perfect for those just looking to improve their physique. I highly recommend this product and will definitely order again!

  4. Willie Ramirez

    I like Tbol, its pretty low risk like anavar but I find that it produces a little more in the way of overall mass. It is also just as versatile as var so you can add it to any sort of cycle. If you haven’t used Tbol before I honestly really recommend it! The price is also great! One of the best value for money steroids you will ever find.

  5. Matthew Peterson

    Dbol is my go to everytime I need to add more size but I chose this Turnibol 10 by magnum and christ it did not dissapoint in the slightest. I added 16lbs if mass in 6 weeks, I was dosing 40mg daily and I shot up in weight, I noticed all my lifts increased aswell and it gave me the best start to my cycle possible in my opinion. If you want to add mass then use this, maybe cycle 20-30mg if its first time but you will still see amazing results.

  6. Thomas Anderson

    Turnibol-10 is insanely crazy when stacked with test, this is what i ran and i got some naughty results. i dosed at 40mg daily for 5-6 weeks and did not have any issues running it either,. I started to gain very quickly and it gave me some really good muscle hardness which gave me an all round more solid physique. i was fully appreciating. Price isnt bad for these either so id fully recommend these turnibol by magnum, i will be back to use again and im sure you will once you try them.

  7. Dennis Rogers

    When I was cycling test I loved it, I put on some decent size and made good progress, but I was looking for more so I started using these turnibol from magnum and I can’t believe the results I really can’t. I wish I had cycled this sooner. I’ve had no sides from these what so ever. being an oral I’d advise running liv.52 or milk thistle. usually cycle between 4-6 weeks. No longer is needed

  8. Philip Stewart

    Me and my bud have been training for couple years now and we both ran a cycle together and we both made great progress. recently though I noticed he was massively improving and I was still there in the background, I asked him if he upped his cycle or anything to which he goes nah i’ve just added this turnibol buy magnum, Ultimatly jealous I ordered some asap and well it wasnt long before he noticed my gains, I felt solid, my muscles were harder but still growing. and I looked leaner but still bigger so was amazed and so glad I asked my mate what occuring with his gains lol. I’m taking or took shall I say 40mg daily for 6 weeks and I gained around 16lbs on it. If you want a decent all rounder with minimal sides then here it is.

  9. Raymond Campbell

    Being an avid trainer i have dabbled lets say in steroidd so i know whats what with them and i also know if gear is good quality whislt using, weve all had some duds in our time but honestly magnum have nailed this turinabol massively. The progres ive made has been nothing short of imense and i have them to thank for that. as it doest aromatize you shouldnt develop like no sides but i did develop some weight gain and strength gain!!

  10. John Morris

    I think Tbol is one of the most underappreciated steroids out there, this stuff is pretty great, especially for beginners! It is a nice middle ground between anavar and stronger orals like dbol and if used properly can lead to some pretty great progress

  11. Carlos Reed

    Turinanol is great it is pretty mild so there will be less sides than dbol or anadrol, but it is a bit stronger than var so you will add a bit more mass. It is a really good mid point before you step into the heavier stuff! Definitely worth a try, I really enjoyed my cycle on it

  12. Traci Nguyen

    The selection of products available on monstersteroids is crazy, like I didn’t even know what turinabol was until I found this site, after some research, I gave it a go and I have to say, I like it… It’s nothing crazy, but it builds some good quality muscle for sure

  13. Kristine Holt

    I’d never heard of Tbol but my coach told me to give it a try, he said it’s similar to Var but with slightly more kick to it, the results were pretty great to be honest, definitely think I’ll use it again

  14. Mark Wood

    This stuff will really get you shredded if you combine it with some testosterone, and have a proper AI to run alongside it. Keep the diet lean, and keep the workouts strong and you will see even better results than if you were to run it with Winny in my opinion. I have been using it for the last 2 years, and I’m not sure why it’s not one of the most popular AAS out there. Either way, it works wonders for me.

  15. Raymond Wood

    I had been trying to buy some tbol from monstersteroids and after 4 attempts I just couldn’t get the transaction to go through! I was getting very stressed so I hit up customer support, these guys were incredible! I spoke to a guy and after about 10 minutes he managed to sort it all for me! I received my order and the customer support team gained themselves another customer due to their incredible service 10/10, well done guys and thank you!

  16. Paul Barnes

    Im a fairly skinny ish guy who goes to the gym consitently but always struggle to out on serious size, this is where after me moaning so much a friedn suggest i try steroids. Just a small cycle or something. After some looking around i found these turnibol 10 by magnum, straight away ordered as price was decent plus i wanted an oral fir my first cycle. Due to that aswell i got some liver health as that was recommend to me to get some. i dont even know where ti start, the tablets are insane, ive gained more then what ive ever gained in the kast 12-16 months!!! literally 24lbs ive added and i look so different, i fill out my shirts, some even dont fit. I feel so strong aswell when training!! i will never look back now and if your like me then these are for you

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