Magnum Nandro-Plex 300


Product Name: Magnum Nandro-Plex 300
Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Nandrolone Decanoate
Package: 10 ampoules (300mg/ml)


Nandro-Plex 300 is a multi-compound steroid produced by Magnum Pharmaceuticals. The drug contains two esters of Nandrolone, which are Decanoate (Deca) and Phenylpropionate (NPP). The drug has strong anabolic and moderate androgenic activity and is most often used by those who engage in heavy and strength sports.

Nandro-Plex Effects

For medical purposes, Nandrolone is mainly used to strengthen bone tissue. Its main property in sport however, is to stimulate the growth of muscle mass. Nandro-Plex 300 has a uniform activity which contributes to accelerated muscle gain. It creates a positive nitrogen balance which encourages growth and repair. Physical strength and stamina will also be increased with the use of this drug since it improves oxygen transport in the body. The drug helps to eliminate joint pain by increasing synovial fluid and additionally strengthens the immune system.

How to take it

The activity of Nandrolone lasts more than 2 weeks, so the drug should be injected once every 10 to 14 days. The drug can be used both as a solo cycle and in combination cycles with other anabolic steroids. The recommended dosage of the drug ranges from 300mg to 600mg (1-2ml) per 10-14 days. Women can use this drug, but only in a dosage of up to 50mg every 10 days. In order to avoid side effects, Nandro-Plex 300 should be taken with Proviron, Tamoxifen, or Clomiphene. If the drug is taken at high doses, gonadotropin should be added to the cycle.

Negative effects

Nandrolone has weak aromatization and low hepatotoxicity. Although, with the use of Nandro-Plex, a decreased libido, pain in the abdomen and head, increased blood pressure, and greasy skin may occur. Symptoms of virilization may occur in women, such as hoarsened voice, increased hair growth and increased aggression. If you take the drug in a high dosage, it can significantly reduce the production of natural testosterone, so in such cases you should take gonadotropin. In the Steroid Mix injection section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Injectable Steroids. Delivery of Nandro-Plex 300 to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions regarding this product, you can always contact our customer service team for help.

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  1. Aldo Lang

    I don’t normally leave reviews, I think they’re a bit of a waste of time as people don’t really read them, but I had to share my amazing experience with the Monstersteroids customer care team! These guys were amazing, talked me through the process of ordering and made sure I was completely satisfied with my experience, seriously a credit to the company

  2. Scott Williams

    This stuff combines the best of both worlds when it comes to deca and NPP. I read about it on some of the bodybuilding forums and decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did because the effects were incredible. I was getting the best pumps of my life while using this, and I will definitely be continuing to use it in my upcoming cycles as well.

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