Magnum Anastrol


Product Name:Magnum Anastrol
: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Anastrozole
Package: 1mg (50 pills)


Magnum Anastrol is the brand name of a drug called Anastrozole, produced by Magnum Pharmaceuticals. Anastrozole is drug that will help to avoid the negative effects of steroids on the male body. In particular, this applies to steroids that are prone to aromatization (converting testosterone to estrogen). The use of these steroids is associated not only with rapidly growing muscle mass, improved strength performance, but also side effects such as gynecomastia, excessive water retention, acne, and many other negative reactions in the human body.

Properties and effects

When taking Anastrozole, a man will be able to:

  • Avoid androgenic side effects
  • Reduce the level of aromatization
  • Block the level of estrogen from binding to receptors

After taking Anastrozole, the components act immediately to actively suppress aromatization within 2 hours. The drug can be used to minimize the risk of side effects, even if they occur in the early stages.

How to take it

The optimal dosage of Anastrozole to reduce side effects after symptoms appear or for post-cycle therapy (PCT) is from 0.5 to 1 mg daily. The dosage should be no more than 0.5 mg if it is being used for preventive measures during the steroid cycle. Tablets should be taken before meals with plenty of water. The duration of a cycle is 2-4 weeks during PCT or 1 week only for stabilizing any estrogenic side effects.

Side effects

An overdose, abuse of the drug or individual intolerance to Anastrozole can cause a number of side effects which include weakness, fatigue, daytime drowsiness, asthenia of the body, allergies, skin rashes, an upset stomach, heart problems or vascular arrhythmias. Women are not advised to take Anastrozole due to the high risk of complications. The same applies to men who have contraindications or individual intolerance to these components. In the Anastrozole pills section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Anti Estrogens. Delivery of Anastrozole to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to help.

2 reviews for Magnum Anastrol

  1. Jason Allen

    So I didn’t really know the difference between a SERM and an AI, I thought I would be good with just some Nolva.. But out of curiosity I did some research and found out that a SERM just stops estrogen binding, and an AI just stops estrogen which can be important if you are having a lot of sides! I ordered some just in case as nobody wants gyno, am I right? I will always have some of this stuff during my cycles now just in case!

  2. Willie Gray

    Magnum always provide the best gear, whether it be anabolics or anti estrogens, they just always smash it out of the park! I highly recommend them for any needs you may have

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