Manufacturer: Himalaya
Substance: Various Herbal Ingredients
Package: 100 Pills

2 reviews for Liv.52

  1. Ernest Patterson

    So, I’m one of those guys that can’t do needles. Even the thought of them makes me anxious. I’m also one of those guys that wants to see how much weight he can possibly lift and then surpass that level every time I am in the gym. So there is really only one option, and that’s the pills when it comes to performance enhancers. Unfortunately they wreak some havoc on the liver, which is why the Liv-52 is an absolute necessity. If you’re popping the pills you’re gonna want a bottle of this, plain and simple.

  2. Johnny Hughes

    If you wanna keep your liver running properly then getting some Liv.52 is essential! This stuff is honestly amazing, it helps a huge amount when you’re running any oral! Trust me, stock up on this stuff

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