Drostan-E 200


Product Name: Drostan-E 200
: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Drostanolone Enanthate
Package: 5 ampoules (200mg/ml)

5 reviews for Drostan-E 200

  1. Samuel Reed

    I’ve always got a spot for some masteron when I plan my cycles, this stuff is amazing and Drostan-E from magnum is probably the best brand of it I have ever used! A lot of people overlook masteron when it comes to mass building cycles but trust me, it has its place! This stuff will keep the water weight off and any other potential estrogenic side effects, meaning you won’t need to run an AI! 10/10 product and easily the best steroid out there.

  2. Edward Collins

    If you wanna know the secret to a great bulk, it’s Masteron! This stuff will help keep those nasty estrogen sides in check allowing for solid muscle gains! Everyone should be using this stuff!

  3. Mike Warner

    In my opinion, Masteron is the best steroid out there. It provides amazing results, minimal side effects and you just feel incredible! Amazing stuff

  4. Dennis Griffin

    I was using Winnie before this but it was absolutely killing my libido for some reason. I decided to switch over to Masteron and I think the exact opposite has happened now. My libido is off the charts, which is awesome. I actually had some viagra from when I was taking winnie, and used a little when I was on my cycle of Masteron….not a good plan! I certainly didn’t need it, and it was almost painful…well, you get the point. Does the cutting cycle just as well in my opinion too.

  5. Jean Scott

    My first cycle was Test and Mast and they have been in every cycle I’ve done since then, this stuff is amazing and I always make sure I stock up when I order!

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