OxymePrime 50 mg


Product Name: OxymePrime 50 mg
Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 50 mg (50 pills)


OxymePrime is a hormonal drug with the active ingredient Oxymetholone. It is an anabolic steroid of progestin nature that is used for gaining muscle mass. It has several properties, for which it is recognized as the most potent oral steroid in the world. Progestogen activity is considered to be similar to estrogen activity, so you should watch how your body reacts when taking OxymePrime. During the course, a drop in sexual activity is possible. After the course, it is necessary to take anti-estrogens, except for Tamoxifen. During a course, it is recommended to take Stanozolol as it is a progestin antagonist which reduces the probability of side effects of OxymePrime and has a strengthening effect on the body.

Effects and properties

  • The growth of muscle mass is clearly expressed.
  • During one cycle of taking this preparation, you can gain up to 15kg of muscle mass and not lose it after the course.
  • Endurance and strength characteristics increase. Hematopoiesis improves and so provides transport of oxygen to the muscles.
  • The product eliminates pain in the joints and protects your joints when you work with heavy weights.

The preparation retains a lot of water in the muscles therefore, you should be prepared for a sharp drop in a water mass at the end of the course: approximately 3-4kg of the total gain.

OxymePrime: Usage

Young men over the age of 21 can take the steroid to gain muscle mass. The recommended dose is 50-100mg/day and the course duration is 4-6 weeks. You should start the first week with 50mg and go up to 100mg during the following week. Ten days before the end of the cycle, begin to decrease the dosage to 50mg/day. If you are under 90kg, the 50mg dose should be used without increasing for the entire cycle. We do not recommend going beyond the recommended cycle and dose because there is a high probability of side effects. To improve your performance during the course, take protein and follow a muscle-gaining diet. When the course is over, use Tribulus to stimulate and restore the secretion of natural testosterone.

Compatibility with Other Steroids

OxymePrime is compatible with many injectable preparations, however, it should not be taken with 17-alpha-alkimeric steroids because it may double the stress on your liver. OxymePrime is a fast-acting drug that starts working almost immediately, so it should be taken as a starting steroid in a cycle. Combining OxymePrime with other drugs increases its effectiveness. In medicine, it is used to treat anemia and osteoporosis. Oxymetholone has been approved by the FDA as a drug that is not harmful to the human body. It is also prescribed for people with impaired nutritional sense because it stimulates the growth of muscle mass. Oxymetholone stimulates the growth of blood cells which increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, and, as a result, you virtually stop feeling tired during and after workouts. Oxymetholone ensures a high level of regeneration, so over-training is impossible. You will have a constant feeling of being filled with energy. In the Anadrol pills section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Oral Steroids. Delivery of OxymePrime to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team for further advice.


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